Kinesiology West Midlands – Brand New exciting course at Birmingham Holistic beginning -Nov

The first workshop will be ICPKP certificate in Self Care workshop (BKP 101- en Energisers and Self Care) The course is exciting, informative and fun. The program is designed to provide practical skills that can help you make rapid and effective changes in your health and to help others with theirs. The cost for the


The Chakras of the Body & their Archetypes

The Chakras of the Body & their Archetypes Saturday, October 8, 2016 11:00 17:00 Birmingham Holistic Centre In this workshop we will look at the kinds of situations and circumstances people experience as they live out their archetypes. How we can work with the archetypes to resolve problems and understand recurring negative situations. These are

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The Stargate Experience – 14th, 15th & 16th Oct

Sometimes here at Birmingham Holistic Health Centre, we touch base with extraordinary people who bring something really special into our lives. We met Siri and Paul at an event earlier this year and hoped that they would come back to the UK from South Africa  and bring The Stargate Experience to a wider audience. We are so excited that

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A Man’s Journey to His Heart – Sunday 16th Oct

You are invited to join us for a Men’s Open Circle – Hosted by Paul Barker Birmingham Holistic Centre – Sunday 16th October 2-4.30pm, cost £15 Join me in taking the 45cm journey from your head to your heart.

Kaitlyn G Lyndon

(How To Feel Better) In The Light of Change: Oct 23rd 2016

How To Feel Better) In The Light of Change with Kaitlyn G. Lyndon Sunday, 23rd October 2016 10am-5pm Huge energetic shifts are currently affecting our lives on a global yet very personal level. People are experiencing extremes of emotion from excitement to fear, yet we often hear there is a Universal perfection. Today we will

Enjoying the sun

Creative Visualisation – BRAND NEW- FULL Diploma Practitioner Course 18th,19 &20 November

As Above, So Below A brand new, exciting 3-day course Fully accredited by The Guild Written and delivered by Stuart Morris Birmingham Holistic Health Centre Director & Lorna Gray Head of Training This will be an amazing journey for all participants. You will discover inner strength ,courage and wisdom that can be tapped into as you


Elisabeta – Be in the presence of the divinity Nov 2016

12 Years a go , a friend of mine told me about a young woman who was sent home to die by the medical profession and she went on a spiritual journey and the by-product of that was complete remission on a physical level but in fact enlightenment . He told me she was in

There are few things in life which are as relaxing as a massage- Special Offer – Hot Stone only £40 for Valentines day

There are few things in life which are as relaxing as a massage. There are many different types of massage; Swedish, Aromatherapy, Thai, Deep Tissue, Hot stone, and more. Each of these types has specific advantages. Hot stone massage uses either all hot stones or alternating hot and cold stones along the meridians of the

Hypnotherapy Training in Birmingham – August 1st and 2nd 2015

Hypnotherapy Training in Birmingham – August 201 Our Award Winning Centre can lead to a fulfilling new career and support your wellbeing. Today, choose a Holistic Course to change your life! Hypnotherapy Training in Birmingham Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Training for Future and Practicing Hypnotherapists If you were instrumental in helping only one other human being to


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