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Buy all 3 downloads together @ £20 Only

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The Journey Collection
Three cd’s in this series that will positively change the way you feel

2I learned a long time ago to see all disease as a part of ourselves that has moved away from love, either self-love and not looking after our own needs for a whole range of reasons.

Perhaps you have given out for years in every direction physically, emotionally and spiritually and mental exhaustion becomes the catalyst for a body beginning to struggle recover and cope with too many demands.
Or perhaps, you go in the opposite direction and move away from loving another, and resentment, anger rage, fear and other destructive emotions often rise from a life unfulfilled or a heart that has been badly let down and hurt.
When illness finally comes, which it always does, if we have moved away from love for long enough, the bodies messages only increase and are misunderstood and misread and continue to call out, year after year, until we listen.
Unfortunately, mainstream medicines, cover nature’s message, by treating the symptom which is the only voice the body has left when we fail to listen to its calling.

The solution is always the same, a return to love, perhaps by introducing to the mind to a philosophy based around compassion, forgiveness and acceptance.

Only then, can we ease ourselves back towards love and begin to release a past embedded deep within a mind and body which has finally manifested itself as depression, anxiety or a whole ranges of labelled dis-eases
Those who sustain the road to recovery, have found a path back towards love and the most fascinating observation for me over the last 26 years, has been the many unique and beautiful ways the human spirit seeks out a solution and how the healer in her many forms finds an answer to a heart in need at the right time.

The return to love, is a very personal journey and each person in the end, finds their own path back to discovering who they really are, what they are always connected to and ultimately the meaning of life for themselves.
When that realisation comes, you may discover your own self-worth based on the love within and not from how much “stuff” you have accumulated over a lifetime.

Gentleness is one of the most important feelings within a person, it exists within every human .IT CANNOT BE TAUGHT and it is a feeling individually used when we trying to attain the impossible and we discover when everything else fails, gentleness prevails.

“What has taken you away from Love? Can you reconnect?

I have produced a series of three hypnotherapy cd’s that will help the individual to rediscover self-love, confidence and self-worth in a gentle and relaxing way.

Stuart Morris IIHHT Dip EFT cc NLP Dip Clinical Hypnotherapist BA Hypnotherapy
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