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 Pendragon Reiki With Kieron Morgan

Level One

Kieron Morgan – Brother of Dragons, Founder and Master of the Pendragon Reiki system, invites you to join him to learn the first level of this three-level system of Pendragon Reiki

Pendragon Reiki has been brought forward through the advocate and brother of Dragons, Kieron Morgan. As the energy of the Dragons start to stir once more to aid and assist the change of consciousness of mankind at this pivotal time, this powerful yet simple system will allow you to “spice up” your own healing practices with the power of Dragons.

Through the initial initiation into level one of the system you will awaken your links to the energies, love and wisdom of the incredible Dragon collective, as well as rekindling your connection to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Dragon – an ancient order that stretches back through time via the Magician Merlin to the Priestesses of Avalon and the Druids of ancient Albion to the mists of fabled Atlantis itself.

This one-day workshop comes with a comprehensive manual, initiation into the first level of the Pendragon Reiki system and connecting you with your own personal Dragon guardian and guide.

Price for the day is £100
The course is run by  Kieron Morgan on Saturday 4th August

One to one healings on the Sunday

Contact Lorna Gray to book on 07730484209
Birmingham Holistic Health Centre

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