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image-04-06-16-06-58I am a qualified Holistic Therapist, using ancient traditions, in a variety of Complementary Therapies.

Since childhood, I have been surrounded by many ancient practices, such as massage and homeopathy. To help overcome any physical and psychological effects of the body and in years to come, stabilize the body within.

It had never crossed my mind that this was the beginning of my journey at such a young age, of becoming a Holistic Therapist, and I thank God for this book page hooch also describes them an opportunity.

Nature is a big admiration in my life, and I believe highly in the beauty of gifts from  nature such as Herbs and oils , that have been given to aid our Mind Body and Souls Healing.

No matter what, I see everyone’s beautiful Soul shine throughout, and I understand sometimes we need to get away, and restore our Mind, Body, and Souls energy, and feel a great sense of serenity.

My hopes are to always try and help you feel good within, and to try and be there to battle your discomforts.

When I studied my Level 3 NVQ in Complementary Therapies, it began with learning; Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles, Hot Stone Massage, Crystal and Colour Therapy, Swedish Massage and Reflexology, however, my journey does not end there, I went on to study more as My passion for trying to help people grew stronger.

I went on to study : Aromatherapy in depth, as essential oils are so beautiful I wanted to understand their benefits, which resulted in me becoming an Advocate for Doterra, using Highly pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Eastern Bamboo Massage, Fire Cupping and Pregnancy Massage, and hopefully I will continue to study more.

I will forward this with a message to everyone-

When you feel like dark days are near,

But reaching for help is something your fear,

Take a deep breath you’re not alone, I Will be here.

I pray that everyone has good. Prosperity, good health and most of all happiness.
Over thousands of years Essential Oils have become more recognised for their essential benefits to try and aid Pathologies such as; Arthritis, Asthma, IBS, Stress, Fatigue, the list could go on. In this treatment all your senses will come alive, from smelling and tasting to reaping the benefit within.
As a Doterra Advocate, I ensure that the purest Therapeutic grade of oils are used.
Full body (75 minutes) – from £50
Back, Neck, Shoulders and Arms/ Legs (35 minutes) – £35
Indian Head Massage
If you feel; uncomfortable having a full body massage, hold a lot of tension on your shoulder and heard or just want to try something different, Indian Head Massage is GREAT! This treatment is done seated, being able to focus on the; Face, Head, Back and Shoulder, it is a really enjoyable treatment, that can drift you away!
(60 minutes) = £45
(30 minutes) – £30

Pregnancy Massage
After the First trimester of pregnancy, aches and pains begin to sprout, and the urge to get away from the pain can be demanding.
This massage has been specifically catered for pregnant women, to enable total comfort and release stress.
Full body (75minutes) – £50
Back, Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Head (40 minutes) – £35

A relaxing foot massage, studying the Reflex points located on the feet, to identify any imbalances or healing that may be occurring in the body.
Throughout Reflexology 7000 Nerves are stimulated and any blockages occurring are encouraged to be released.
(60 minutes) – £45
(Course of 5 for £180)

Relaxation Massage
Just want to drift away? A slow Massage, using long and gentle movement, to try and make your body recognise relaxation. Not only is this treatment for; relaxation, it also helps to encourage the circulation of Lymphatic liquids, and blood. To encourage drainage of toxins.
Full body (60 minutes) – £45
Back, Neck, Shoulders and Arms/ Legs – £30

Swedish massage
Focusing on; Upper Back, Shoulders, Arms, Face and Scalp.
This relaxing treatment is does lying down, using warm oils of your choice, which is gently poured all over the Head and Scalp, encouraging the promotion of healthy skin and hair.
Full body (60 minutes) – £45
Back, Neck, Shoulders and Arms/ Legs – £30

Warm Bamboo Massage
A Massage using Oriental Warm Bamboo Sticks. This treatment creates a warm feeling throughout and is perfect for individuals who like a deep massage, as pressure can be applied as desired.
Full body (60 minutes) – £50
Back, Neck, Shoulders and Arms (30 minutes) – £35

Feel Focused
Focusing on; Upper Back, Shoulders, Arms, Face and Scalp.
This relaxing treatment is does lying down, using warm oils of your choice, which is gently poured all over the Head and Scalp, encouraging the promotion of healthy skin and hair.

(30 minutes) – £25 (course of 5 £100)

Hopi Ear Candle
Also known as Auricular therapy, Hopi Ear candles can be very effective for many conditions within the Throat, Ear and Nose areas, also forming a very uplifting treatment for any blockages within the sinuses, when lit the candles are places in the Ear, and gently removes impurities.
Hopi Ear candles, can try to help alleviate discomfort for many pathologies such as; Tinnitus, Sinusitis, excessive Ear wax, Congestion, Hay fever, Glue Ear, Headaches, Migraines and much more.
For those who are travelling via aircraft. It is recommended to have this treatment done before or after to help release any build up of pressure.
Includes a Facial Massage (45 minutes) – £35

Deep Tissue Massage
Relaxation to some people can result to a deep tissue treatment. On the other hand being able to work deep in the muscles and tissues, it would be required to work gently and deeply to encourage any blockages and stiffness to be released.
Full body (60 minutes) – £45
Back, Neck, Shoulders and arms/ Legs (30 minutes) – £30

Fire Cupping
An ancient practice, using localised pressure, to try and promote reduction of pain in the body, and encourage healing of the body.
By using fire to remove any oxygen within the cups, to form a suction on the body, this is a very relaxing and soothing treatment for those muscle areas which are compressed with pain and
Full body (70 minutes) – £45
Back, Neck, Shoulders and Arms/ Legs (40 minutes) – £35


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