Business Breakfast Club Birmingham

We are looking to take our successful Stress Management Diploma Course into different arena’s over the next few Years as it has become very evident that stress is a major contributory factor in conditions such as depression, anxiety ,fatigue and this has impacted in a majority of people’s lives as statistics back up something we all have known about for Years “Stress kills” motivation ,ambition, productivity in the workplace and dissipates joy at home.

8 million people in the UK currently ( Nov 2018 ) being prescribed antidepressants and that is most likely to increase 3 fold over the next decade and it seems very clear to me that the new NHS has to be a Natural Health System that can educate and support people at work by creating well being in the workplace

We have a goal here at Birmingham Holistic Health centre to take this very special course further afield and we have developed a one day well being workshop and 2 hour presentation on some of the latest cutting edge NLP techniques and other holistic approaches in one very unique package based around 30 Years of experience in dealing with human nature covering every condition known to most people and I have discovered the one common link ” Stress”

Its time to change that as best we can and we can as the new NHS could be a Natural Health System

This morning I went to my first breakfast meeting for businesses in Birmingham City  , who knew their were tram lines ,not my Sat Nav anyway and that became entertainment for the bus drivers who horns played a symphony around me and to my distress that I was on a tram line .

Anyway , i arrived at the meeting in one piece and to be greeted by 6 men in suits from a whole range of backgrounds who looked at me like I’d just got off the tram line in my car .

We settled and the speaker came on and spoke of music in the education sector and it was really inspiring as music does cross so many boundaries and is a form of medicine as it can inspire,soothe ,calm, restore and replenish and so much more.

I never got to really share our information about bring bringing stress management into the workplace and discussing the benefits for staff in the workplace and the knock effect in their home life,but I did get to drive on the tram lines and play a trumpet

Until next time