Body Massage Diploma

  • January 5, 2019
  • 2020-01-11 10:00 to 2020-01-12 16:00

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Body Massage Diploma

2020-01-11 10:00 to 2020-01-12 16:00
January 5, 2019


Body Massage Diploma

2020-01-11 10:00 to 2020-01-12 16:00
January 5, 2019


Body Massage Diploma

£399     3 day course

11th and 12th January and 22nd February 2020 for Assessment

10am-4pm each day (approx)

Further dates available on request

Course investment £399  with just £100 deposit to secure your place 

Excellent Value Starter kits available with base oils and blended massage oils and spray for just £50  Please ask for more information and and to order in time for your course.

Fully accredited Diploma and recognized by the ‘Guild of Beauty and Holistic Therapists’

Please Note: An ‘Anatomy and Physiology qualification’ is required as a pre-requisite for this course, if you do not already hold one  we offer this Via the Guild of holistic therapists as a home study online course for just £198.00…PLEASE NOTE: This is a separate fee and not included in the training course fee.

This is a 3 day training course, with 2 initial days theory and practical then home study then you will return around 6 weeks later with completed case studies for your Assessment.

Body Massage Diploma

This is one of the most popular, natural and effective holistic treatments and a great start for any new therapist. It is also a great  addition to other holistic therapies you may practice.

Our massage course is based on the popular Swedish Massage whereby using a natural base oil and light to medium movements are performed which help to break down muscular tension.

The treatment is both relaxing and invigorating, it stimulates the circulation and lymphatic system to help the body remove toxins and self-balance which in turn helps the client obtain a sense of calm.

You will work on the back, legs, arms, hands, feet and stomach areas (optional).

£10 off  insurance with the Guild is for students who attend our courses as a
thank you- please ask us during your course

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