Energy Field Healing

Why choose energy field healing Birmingham

  • Are you looking for a more relaxed, balanced & alternative way to approach life?
  • Would you benefit from finding solutions to your problems?
  • Have you been struggling to let go of your past?
  • Do you want help to resolve issues such as:-

Stress . Tiredness . Anxiety . Poor sleep . Aches & pains . Low energy . Worries . Lack of direction
. Addictions . Pressure . Emotional upset . Trauma . Low self esteem

  • Have you been searching for a greater sense of fulfilment or purpose?
  • Are you stuck in a rut or do you sense you may be at a crossroads?
  • Do you feel in control of your life or is there room for improvement?
  • Would you like to have fun discovering more about yourself to enhance your potential?

The benefits of energy field healing

Energy Healing is a gentle, yet powerful treatment, which brings the whole energetic system back into balance, thus enabling the energies to flow freely, resulting in general well being. Each person responds differently, however, most people get a sense of being, thinking & feeling. . .

  • Calm & Relaxed Peaceful & Accepting
  • Safe & Heard Content & Balanced
  • Confident & Free Connected & Energised
  • Positive & Inspired Clear & Focused
  • How does it work..?

healing hand

Our energy fields can become out of balance & be easily disrupted by things like stress, relationships, overburden, trauma, past or unresolved issues, injury, no direction or purpose, mental confusion or conflict, exposure to harsh environments, poor diet & drug or alcohol use. These imbalances may affect physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual well being.

A healer works with a person’s energy field, (often known as the aura), which is made up of several vibrational layers. During a treatment the healer acts as an energetic reference point or channel, offering healing to the person to help balance, align, cleanse, shift, understand, work with & integrate energy. Healing is very unique to each person & does not always mean a cure, however, can help in many areas.

General Details…

We have 2 Energy Field Healers

Julie Fulton BSc PGDip MBACP

Tel: 07583 207190 ​    Email:​

Or Lynette Fryer M.C.O.H, AAMET, IIHHT VTCT – Intuitive Energy Field Healer / Therapist

Tel: (0)7976139681      E-mail:

Relevant Information…

  • Following a discussion & mutual agreement, a booking will be arranged for an Initial Consultation.
  • During the Initial Consultation you will be given the opportunity to discuss your individual needs & find out more about the support, therapies & techniques on offer.
  • After the minimum amount of sessions is completed, we will review your progress & decide if further sessions are required.