Food Intolerance Testing

Intolerance Testing & Treatment – Don’t just identify food intolerances – treat them!

We are constantly coming into contact with substances which can cause allergies and intolerances. These can be in the food we eat, in the air we breathe and in the toiletries we put on our skin.

When we are intolerant to something it can cause a wide variety of symptoms such as IBS, hay fever, weight gain, hyperactivity, PMT, Candida overgrowth, depression and fatigue.

Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, is used to quickly and accurately identify any intolerances. When the substances have been identified kinesiology is used once again to determine whether the substances need to be desensitised or simply avoided for the next few weeks.

What to expect:

The testing method involves putting samples of the test substance on the abdomen; the arm muscle is then used to determine whether the client is intolerant to the substance. If the arm muscle weakens this indicates that the substance is a problem for the client.

Unlike other intolerance tests you are encouraged to bring in samples of food, drink and chemicals you come into contact with so that I can fully individualise your test rather than just using standard testing kits.

Many intolerance tests simply advise you to avoid the substance you are intolerant to, that is fine if it is a food you don’t enjoy but what about something you can’t avoid such as air pollution or food additives?

Isopathic desensitising remedies are given by mouth and work by stimulating the body’s healing mechanism repairing the damage caused. Desensitisation is preferable to avoidance and provides an effective treatment to intolerances. It is both gentle and free from side effects.

Don’t just identify food intolerances – treat them!

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