In the company of Harry

My name is Stuart Morris and I am a spiritual Healer

This page is dedicated to the book I have written called ” In the company of Harry”

You can buy the book directly from me from April 2020 along with the accompanying meditations

Uncovering the wisdom of Harry, who accompanied Stuart as he became a holistic therapist and Pranayama yoga teacher, this book uses profound and insightful quotes to arm readers with the tools they need to practice spiritual and emotional healing. Designed to accompany readers through hard times and guide them to the light just like Harry did for Stuart, this book offers comfort and wisdom wherever you go. In the Company of Harry is perfect for anyone who wants to practice healing and create a life of emotional wellbeing.

To order a copy of this book, contact me, Stuart Morris on 07734459908 

The book cost £12.95 as a hardback version only

There are an mp3 and cd that encapsulates the book and you can also buy these directly from me

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A powerful account of faith, healing, and self-discovery.

Suffering from poor health life, emotionally exhausted and eventually diagnosed with cancer at age 26, Stuart Morris’s life threatened to come crashing down. He had no money, a voucher from a charity shop for a £50 cooker and a bed mattress given to him from a charity. But when he discovered the voice of Harry Edwards, he began a journey that changed his life.

In the company of Harry- Book by Stuart Morris
A powerful account of faith, healing, and self-discovery.

Now, in this book, Stuart recounts his powerful and inspiring story, that of being open and receptive to hearing spirit—being able to tap into two spiritual energies: healing, and the wisdom of the ages through the persona of ‘Harry’, while being able to record it in language the world can understand.

With profound and insightful quotes to meditate on, as well as a wealth of heartfelt advice from the voice Stuart knows as Harry, this book explores the world of spiritual healing and self-discovery that anyone can harness to reach inner peace and harmony.

Drawing on years of experience as a holistic healer, Stuart shares his story, his life philosophy, and the wisdom of God, faith, and love which has been unveiled to him. In the Company of Harry is a book which you can take with you wherever you go, reflecting on its lessons and letting the words of Harry guide you through dark times and bring you to the light, offering comfort, wisdom, and healing.