Holistic Therapies

Clinical/Holistic Therapy Treatment

Using a range of therapies and coaching that are meditation lead 60 mins. £70.00
Intensive Therapy Course 8 Hours. £490.00

Additional Information: This range of therapies can tackle challenges with anxiety, depression, additions, fears, pain and trauma. However, is also very effective with enabling to overcome self-sabotage, being stuck in life or business, confidence, building or maintaining healthy relationships and tackling major changes in life.

This therapy teaches you how to master your life by managing your mind.

Holistic Healing Treatments
Angelic Reiki, Prana Healing, ASMR 60 mins £45.00
Intensive Course 4 Hours £160.00

Additional Information: Healing treatments that enable the body to accelerate the healing process, manage the symptoms of illness and become grounded. Holistic healing can also be used for Mind and Body and can also tackle the same issues that more traditional therapies do. The invisible waves of energy in the body are available for you to use in creating new experiences and possibilities in your life.

Future Pacing Therapies

Past Life Regression Therapy 90 mins £100.00
Rune Readings 60 mins £45.00

Additional Information:

Past life therapy works by accessing past memories that are linked to your current afflictions, health issues or anxieties. We can release these from the depths of your subconscious enabling you to manifest changes, create abundance, bring love and health into your life. However, we all need guidance and so readings are an ideal way to formalise your plans, understand your opportunities and confirm what you need to take action.

Therapy Slots

  • Holistic Therapies 120 minutes 10am – 6:30pm
  • Holistic Healing 60 minutes 10am – 6:30pm
  • Past Life 90 minutes 10am – 6:30pm
  • Rune Readings 60 minutes 10am – 6:30pm
  • Please book by phone or via the link (website almost live)

Jille Tringham – Therapist, Life Coach and Business Mentor

Jille has worked in the rate race for many years using psychology, sales and communication to help businesses grow and transform. Her dream was always to sack the boss and finally took the leap in 2016.

Jille works with business owners, charities, community projects and private clients to help them overcome challenges, change habits and achieve goals using holistic approaches to support people in their relationships, personal life, home and business which steers people away from being dependant on prescriptions from the doctor. Her singular aim is to enable people to achieve resolution and freedom from their problems.

Alongside her more mainstream therapies, Jille also works as a Holistic healer using alternative therapies which are fast becoming more recognised by the many.