STARTING FEBRUARY 2019 At Birmingham Holistic Health Centre every Monday
Session times :11am- 12pm 6pm – 7pm

Qi-gong Therapy sessions

Shibashi Qigong is a set of standing slow, flowing movements designed to work the body in a specific way to help the body to open up and connect to the descending yang energies and ascending yin energies to cultivate and strengthen healing energies within the body. The movements are simple and effortless stimulating the meridian points and energy centres of the body (as with Acupuncture) to bring deep relaxation for the body and mind.

The internal organs of your physical body are energised by the movements in the qigong set to enhance health and wellness. Regular practice of qigong can lead to a healthier and happier you. Many people experience improved mood, better quality of sleep, more vitality and inner peace through regular practice.

Session Fee: £25 for 4 sessions or £8 per session

​To book an appointment or register for a small group please email me.


Julie Fulton BSc PGDip MBACP

Tel: 07583 207190
​Email: contact@juliefulton.co.uk​