Remedial Massage

Kenneth R. Cabral L.C.S.P.(phys)

The London and Counties Society of Physiologists was founded in 1919 and is the oldest-established and largest organisation  of private practitioners of remedial massage  and manipulative therapy in the UK.

Its current president is.Dr.Paul Lambden Bsc,MB,BS,BDS,FDSRCS Eng,MRCS,LRCP,DRCOG,MHSM,FRSM.

General Massage uses the whole of the hand in long sweeping strokes combined with percussion and kneading movements quickly or slowly depending on whether you want to stimulate,tone or relax the body.

Remedial Massage concentrates on small areas at a time.I use my thumbs and index finger alternately.The pressure is light to firm as I move gently to locate the site of the injury.Once found,the pressure is held until the  pain reduces up to a maximum of 2 minutes.I can spend up to 15 minutes working in an area the size of my thumb pad.

Lets follow my procedure.During a consultation,we have found that you have been in continuous pain for several weeks and even longer.It has not improved and perhaps is getting worse and spreading.You cannot stay in one position for too long.You are exhausted but cannot sleep.Concentration is difficult for more than a couple of minutes whether it is talking ,reading,listening or watching the television.You may also be sensitive to noise.Your mood is fragile,short tempered,tearful,low and irritable and you want the offending area to be dug out chopped off or replaced.Sound familiar?

After assessing what I think the problem might be,confirming the site of injury and the area it extends to I begin to apply the technique outlined above.You have already told me what makes it worse and what you cannot do so I tend to check your range of movements once I have managed to reduce the pain levels.

Pain is an explosive force and a shock to the system.The areas responsible are not always all at the site of the injury For example,on treating an elbow,some of the controlling areas maybe in the forearm,collar bone, neck or shoulder blade.An analogy would be when you have dropped  a glass on the floor and then find all the pieces.Some of them will be quite a distance from where you dropped it.others will appear in areas you already looked in and  some you will come across a few days later.That is why- although I aim to reduce pain levels as quickly as possible- my procedure is deliberately slow and meticulous.

Pain has it’s own range of unusual responses.A point to remember is that our systems restore our sleep patterns first,our emotional state second and pain levels third.

Having been in practice for over 30 years and carried out over 45,000 treatments,I have listed some of the responses that I have reproduced thousands of times and improvement always follows.The people laying there have relayed the sensations in a calm and albeit surprised manner for a first experience and make no attempt to move away from me.Remember I am using my thumb or index finger with light pressure.

  • You are pushing a red hot poker through me.
  • It feels as if you are standing on me.
  • My leg feels 2feet longer than the other one
  • I’m breaking into a sweat(visually confirmed).
  • My fingers have swollen like fat sausages(they were not).
  • My hip feels as if it has moved up to my shoulder blade.
  • My whole body is starting to shake(visually confirmed).
  • I feel as if I am falling off the table.(even when they can see they are not).

During the first 2/3 treatments,I concentrate on reproducing and releasing tiredness and exhaustion allied with discomfort then I know your sleep patterns will improve.Reproduce and release the emotional symptoms mentioned in the consultation then I know you will start to cope better.

Re –assessment of your movements,advice on how to minimise aggravation together with aims and duration of treatment follow.

I must emphasise that the first priority is to locate the part of the pain that is affecting you sleep patternsbecause once you start to sleep again all of you is repairing and recovering.

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