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What is Spiritual Healing ?

“You have to believe in energy, take the idea of energy existing first and foremost.

If you form the concept of energy as light ,a spiritual healer can bring forward the light and direct the light towards another whose light has gone out.

Anti anxiety drugs and antidepressants only suppress and block the gateway towards the light.

The light when given chance, can and will flow through a mind whose journey has become clouded.

Once the light hits hidden points within the system, energy is released and passes through pathways connected by the nervous system to bring about emotional relief.

The connecting of the light is a spiritual journey

With the healing of the incurable, a intelligence superior to human wisdom enters into the picture ,who knows the way to human wisdom.

When familiarity becomes comfortable, a clear comparison is given that filters to the mind.

What the mind accepts as it’s own reality then expresses itself throughout the body and also the outer layer that surrounds the body .

This energy is full of light ,sometimes broken ,but never completely eradicated.

“Become the light, enlightened means living in the light.

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Donation basis only from £20 – £30 maximum 

Each session is approx. 50 mins

“Become the light

“To be enlightened means living in the light

For You to live in the light, you have to reconnect to the source of light.

Meditation is one way to open the door to allow that light in.

You have to become familiar with its presence first.”

Harry Edwards: The Great Healer

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Stuart Morris

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Deborah Morris



The definition of a pilgrimage states

“A long journey to a sacred place,

a quest for purpose”

Stuart Morris

I have been an holistic therapist for over 25 years and have seen a lot of people in that time and I have used all the therapies I have trained in with varying degrees of success.

Yet, part of me,I realise has always been on a quest to become the greatest healer that I can be and I have looked for evidence and validation of the meaning of that term for a long time,but I have always come up short of its existence .

I may never get to walk the path in the conventional terms of a pilgrim ,but I believe perhaps this experience of  seeing individual people for spiritual healing sessions over how ever long it takes ,is a pilgrimage for me.

My pilgrimage on some level has always been towards “ a sacred place” for over 28 years and I am only just (March 2018) in my own becoming aware of that journey and what it really means, I am a slow learner .

Those that join me on this pilgrimage will be the right ones and the path we will walk together will be under the label of “spiritual healing” nothing else ,my other work with clients will continue .

If you would like to travel with me and your heart will know if this is right for you, then contact me

Stuart Morris 07734459908

Kind permission for me reprint their answers has been given by all clients 

Every client I see ,I look at this, that we are walking along the path of a pilgrimage and for a while we come together for a short while and exchange something unspoken and with every client I see as one more step which equates to 5 miles,I have 500 hundred miles to walk  if you chose to join me on this pilgrimage, we can share this together.

“Thank you for joining me on this path”

My question to each client after each session is:

“How to you feel and what is spiritual healing to you ?”

DAY 1 : STEP 1 – Client 1: D. Cancer patient :

After the healing

” I feel at Peace”

Step 2- Client 2:P .Addiction to alcohol:

“I feel at Peace, normal, no anxiety , really relaxed and hopeful” 

STEP 3 – Client 3:k F. Anxiety :

“I feel really liberated, I can breath, I feel lighter” 

2nd Session – ” I feel amazing ! Blown away !

STEP 4- Client 4 : P .S : PTSD ,Depression :

“I Feel at ease, good ,as though I have been given some guidance”

STUART : “My pilgrimage has begun and today I was a little nervous and excited of beginning this journey , I felt very peaceful at times and I enjoyed listening to the stories each soul shared with me, am very tired now, but I guess because its new I would do “

STEP 5- Client 5: L.B : Adrenal fatigue, Depression:

” I feel smiley, something I haven’t felt for a long time ” 

STEP 6 – Client 6 : R.E : Scatty, anxiety

” I feel light, connected more strongly with life, connected with the light I feel alive, I have a belief in life again”

STEP 7- Client 7 : S. :  Tired, Depressed 

“I feel heavy headed, I fell asleep, feel comforted “

STUART : What a great day, the sun was out and as I walked with everyone today, I felt a peace ,a sense of accomplishment”

STEP 8 – Client 8 : L.P :Depressed ,fatigue, mental fog ,addictive personality :ABSENT HEALING SENT ; I talked them through on the phone and connected with them.

“I feel relaxed, charged me up a little bit, It’s your light waking my light up, that’s spiritual healing to me now I have experienced it from you”

STEP 9 – Client 9- A : Tension in neck and broken sleep pattern

“I feel nice and refreshed ,soothed” 

Step 10- Animal healing of a dog named Sabrina,

Owner stated, “that the dog never goes to strangers” and yet she came to me and stood their and head down allowed me to give her healing and then sat down and eased into a relaxed state

STEP 11 – Client 10 :J.C : Tired 

“I felt the energy coming through, it was like electric, relaxed “ 

STEP 12. K.M : Client 11 : Worry challenging times in their personal life, tired

“I feel fuzzy, but exhilarated ,relaxed and at the same time uplifted”

STUART, ” I enjoyed this part of my journey, met some amazing people along the way, its great to be in the presence of people and I enjoyed their company , am tired now 

STEP 13 .Client 13 .A :  Tension in neck and shoulders

“I feel soothed, nice and refreshed”

Step 14. Client 14 .l.P : Depressed after stroke

” I feel charged up again”

Step 15 . Client 15 : Lymphedema ,fatigue, depression

“I feel alright, relaxed…comforted”

STUART : I learned something today, over the Years I have received healing from healers, not many, but a few. I used to think each of them would have a certain energy that they brought through, such as if I need soothing , a certain healer had that ability to soothe me or if I needed strength, then another healer would have perhaps given me that , but I was wrong.

I realise today, we each get what we need from the healer, when we need it,I understand that each person has received a healing energy that relates directly to them.

I get a key word that will come to me during the healing act, such as worry and then the solution comes in the form of another word such as TRUST and then the energy of trust comes through along with other subtle healing energies if that is needed.

I find it interesting 

New day 

Step 16 : Client 16.  k : Tired, break up of a relationship

” I feel lighter, calm relaxed and energised again”

Step 17 :Client 17 : V.H : Split up with partner, anxious

” I feel connected to something that’s got rid of negative energy, I just feel completely relaxed ,energised” 

Step 18 : Client 18 : C.M : Herniated disk

“I Feel very relaxed, normally I cant keep still, but am left feeling peaceful

New Day

Step 19: Client 19 : J.C

” I feel relaxed, it has brought me back to the present moment !