Reflexology Diploma 9th and 10th February and 23rd March

Special Offer – Reflexology 3 Day Full Diploma Course

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9th and 10th February and 23rd March 10am-4pm each day 

07730 484 209

Further dates on request 

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28 CPD Points: Course duration 3 days

Reflexology DiplomaThis ancient technique dates back thousands of years and has its origins in China.

Reflexology is based on the idea that the feet are a map of the body and while working on the reflex areas of the feet, the therapist is treating the whole body and helping it to heal and balance itself.

The treatment is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating and invokes a feeling of well-being.

It is excellent for treating a range of ailments including stress, lethargy, sluggish immune system, skin problems and IBS to name but a few.

After an initial massage to warm the feet the therapist applies pressure to specific points on the feet and ankles.

This course consists of a few days (to be confirmed) training at the centre, followed by home study and case studies over the following months to cover a range of clients and conditions.

You will then be required to attend a further day to assess your knowledge and skills and upon successful completion you will be given your certificate.

  • Course duration: Three days
  • Entry Requirement and Pre-requisites: A Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology or equivalent
  • Qualification: Birmingham Holistic Training Centre Diploma.
  • Assessment method: Continuous throughout the days via observation and verbal questions, home study with paperwork to submit, a short question and answer sheet to test your knowledge of the treatment and final assessment day.
  • Guidance and support: You will have support from enrolment, during and also after your course.

Your highly experienced, professional and friendly tutor will help and guide you throughout your training experience.

Course Content: Reflexology Diploma Course

  • Insurance details
  • Professionalism
  • Health, safety and hygiene
  • Byelaws and legislation
  • History and benefits of Reflexology
  • Grounding techniques
  • Consultation
  • Contra-indications
  • Contra-actions
  • Zones and Reflexes
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Warm up massage procedure
  • Full practical Reflexology procedure
  • Home Study
  • Case Studies
  • Assessment
  • You will feel confident enough to set up a practice with the reassurance we are always here to help you.
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    Testimonials from some of our previous students.

    “Fantastic Time, Heaven on earth!”

    “Thank you so much Lorna, brilliant course! So relaxed but so informative. Perfect, see you very soon, Love and Light.”


    “p.s Thanks for the cake Stuart” :)

    “Brilliant! friendly and welcoming environment”

    “Explanatory aids very useful, will definitely come back and may even become an addict.”


    “Great experience!”

    “Lorna oozes patience!  I would highly recommend the course.”


    “This course was amazing!”

    “I really think this massage routine should be a Diploma course in itself. After the treatment I felt all the toxins screaming to get out of my body”.


    “I have just finished the Eastern Facial Massage Course, it was amazing!”

    “Very descriptive and allowed regular breaks to discuss the techniques with others on the course and got to know other people and I highly recommend to others.”


    “A Fantastic Day!”

    “Really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to practicing on my family and friends.”


    “Good delivery of the course and very helpful during the practical”

    “Thank you Lorna !”


    “I Really Enjoyed it!”

    “Very interesting, Lorna was excellent and answered all my questions.”


    “A wonderful experience!”

    “I felt uplifted the moment I stepped into the place. Very warm, welcoming, friendly and peaceful atmosphere. Having practiced the treatments as well as received them, it gave me a better understanding of the importance and effectiveness of holistic treatments and I can’t wait to go home and practice.”


    “What a lovely way to spend a day!”

    “Very informative and nice to be able benefit from having a treatment, a great introduction to massage course. Lorna was very good and put us all at ease. Stuart also very friendly”.


    “Lovely venue, very welcoming!”

    “A great introduction to massage techniques, good concept to train on the techniques and then to be a client so you can gain knowledge from both sides.”

    J Ellis

    “An enjoyable day in a peaceful setting!”

    “A practical way of learning simple massage skills and techniques.”


    “Brilliant day from the start!”

    “Stuart and Lorna are both very helpful and friendly. Lorna’s class was wonderful, very calm, informative and enjoyable, see you soon.


    “Really enjoyed the day, friendly and relaxed atmosphere”

    “Getting notes and directions for the massage steps is really useful.”

    “Enjoyed learning the different techniques, good variety, covered arms, legs, chest, shoulders, face and scalp and I also enjoyed being massaged.”

    “Thank you!”


    “Really enjoyed my day”

    “Lorna is an excellent teacher, relaxing, learned loads and gained confidence on how to massage. Well worth the time. effort and money. Great value by an excellent teacher at a wonderful centre of excellence.”

    Thank you!


    “A very therapeutic day of learning some great skills”

    “Lovely tuition with dignity of client in mind and I look forward to building on my learning.”

    Thank you!


    “Really enjoyed the day-friendly & relaxed atmosphere.”

    “Getting notes and direction for the massage steps is really useful. Enjoyed learning all the different techniques, good variety covered arms, legs, chest, shoulders, face and scalp and also enjoyed being massaged.”

    “Thank you.”


    “Lovely Taster Course”

    “Very useful, Lorna was really good and she made the day interesting.”

    “Thank you”


    “I have had the most wonderful time”

    “The training was both comprehensive and informative. Lorna made everyone feel welcome. The centre itself is very welcoming and peaceful..lovely.”


    “Nice relaxed pace and friendly atmosphere”

    “Really enjoyed the day and working with a small group means you learn a lot in a small space of time.”


    “A most enjoyable and informative day”

    “Six other trainee’s on the course which was a good number and ensured that we had sufficient attention and tuition. An extremely relaxing and friendly day.

    The course was very well led by an experienced tutor, very supportive and reassuring  which has given me the interest and confidence to sign up for the Diploma course.”


    “This course was great!”

    “Nice people, Lorna provided useful information, good explanation, thank you very much Lorna.”


    “Great day, really relaxed”

    “Friendly environment, I felt I learned a lot and I enjoyed every minute of it !”


    “An excellent day”

    “The perfect way to find if it’s for you! Lorna was excellent. An extremely chilling day overall.”


    Our Award Winning Centre can lead  you to a fulfilling, new career and support your well being.

    Contact Lorna Gray our Head of Training  Tel 07730484209

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