Soul Rescue Workshop Friday 15th February

Workshop led by kieron morgan

There are many reasons why a person’s soul doesn’t manage to make it back to the source when their time on Earth comes to and end: Fear, regret, unfinished business or confusion about the whole “passing over process”. These unfortunate souls can get trapped and stuck here on the Earth plane without the means to get to where they need to be – back and at one with the Divine source.

Kieron Morgan (Brother of Dragons, magikian and Alchemyst) Invites you to join him on this one-day workshop to learn about the presences, Angels and Masters connected with the process of “Soul rescue” through meditation, ritual and practical exercises, you will learn, not only how to follow the process but how to run your own soul rescue work – either on your own or as part of a group.

The day will also include; personal Ancestral healing, soul recapitulation and trance channelled messages from those Masters, Goddesses and Gods who oversee the process. You will also be guided to meet your own personal Soul Rescue guardian to will be with you whenever you work in this area.

This is vitally important work and much needed to aid and assist, not only these souls, but Mother Earth as she works towards ascending into the next energetic dimension – a process vital for her, and indeed our, ascension.

Workshop runs – 10am til 5pm at Birmingham Holistic Health Centre

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me:


Exchange £50