Stuart Morris IIHHT DIp FHT BA.Hypnotherapy .Member of the Guild of Therapy lecturers

stuart morrisDirector of Birmingham Holistic Health Centre

Stuart Morris is a long-standing, holistic practitioner who, over 26 years ago, using natural therapies, won his battle with cancer. Ever since he’s been motivated to help heal and empower others.

This centre is the culmination of all of his ambition and effort to create something different; a centre that offers more than therapies

My intention for the Centre is for it to become a place where clients can attend and know that they are in a place that is quite special and open for anyone to come along anytime.

A ‘sanctuary’ is a word that evokes feelings of comfort and trust, a resting place. I do believe you will find that here.

We offer you a Holistic Health Centre that will bring hope and comfort and give you a sense of peace

My personal approach is holistic in every sense of the word, with a whole range of therapies that are integrated to achieve the best results for each person as an individual.I am fully qualified in

Clinical Hypnotherapy,


Fully qualified NLP wellbeing Coach


Reflexologist ,

Spiritual Healer 

Swedish Massage,

Touch for Health Advanced

Also qualified to give herbal and nutritional advice and one of only 60 teachers worldwide of a unique form of Pranayama Yoga as taught by Yogini Sunita Cabral,

Member of the Guild of Therapy lecturers

Member of College of Medicine

Member of the Complimentary Medical Association

Member of The British Association of Hypnotherapy BA Hyp

Member of The International Centre for Clinical Excellence ICCE

Member of International Institute of Holistic Therapist, IIHHT Dip

Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapist  FHT

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Medicine, one hundred years ago was all holistic, it seems we have forgotten about faith, love, nurture, time, patience and perseverance and in it’s place we have forced and pushed and offered a quick fix. We have forgotten that our health reflects our mind and the art of listening to the body and its message has been lost.

In our pursuit of gain we have ultimately lost more than we realize as we follow one quick fix after another.

The body is an extraordinary, amazing, self healing mechanism. It responds to gentleness, time and nurture in ways that can only be described as miraculous. Our goal is to listen to the body and to support it with the right nutrients,herbs and philosophy in a way that can only be described as an holistic Approach to health and well-being

“When one truly is in need, help comes through a friendly human if it’s a human need and through a friendly God if it’s a spiritual need”

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My work  is dedicated to the two most special people in my life, my children Jade and Nathan. I would firstly like to thank Jade who, in her innocence, helped me through a very difficult part of my life with her love. Secondly, I would like to thank Nathan who was very much the inspiration for my work and who is a very important part of who I am. And to both of my children, I hope you will be forever wonderfully well.

I have over twenty years experience as a Holistic Therapist and I am fully insured and member of The Federation Of Holistic Therapists. (FHT) I hold diplomas in AromatherapyReflexology, EFTcc, Swedish massage, Touch for HealthNLP CoachingPsych-K, also holding diplomas to give you nutritional and herbal advice. I am also a Pranayama Yoga Teacher.

 Tel: Stuart Morris 0773 445 9908
Hold onto hopeStuart Morris
One cold wet morning I stood waiting for the bus wrapped up in my duffel coat, minding my own business after my daily morning swim. An old man stared at me and looked intently into my eyes, I raised my head in acknowledgement expecting a similar response and yet his gaze remained fixed on me
.“What’s wrong son?” he quietly said,“What do you mean?”“You can’t fool me, I can’t read or write but I can see and I see sadness son, great pain.”“I’m ok mate, I don’t know what you are talking about.” I responded.
The bus pulled up and I got on and sat with my face turned away, wondering, is it so obvious? Is that what people see?
He was right of course and had captured my life at that time; I was so sad and so alone and felt lost in so many ways. Almost 30 years later and I still remember how the old man had seen through me and into my heart. A year before, my brother in law had committed suicide. My brother had been a father figure to me in many ways and after losing him, I carried that grief around with me, everywhere I went. On that particular day, the old man reminded me that it hadn’t gone away.

A few Years before that aged 19, I held my mom in my arms after she had had a stroke and was scared and needed comforting. I quietly consoled her as she slept and little by little over the coming months, she recovered, however the experience had left its mark on me.

Worse still was to follow, as the realisation of the fragility of our lives was brought home to me in the most devastating of ways over the next few years.

At this time I was in a relationship that wasn’t working and one that was draining any self worth I had. I had a 2 year old daughter and I was scared to leave the relationship for fear of not seeing her but I was pushed to the point of no return. I went back home to my parents as the stress was so bad that I had actually lost control of my bodily functions and could not control my bowels. This will tell you the measure and amount of stress I was under, all accumulative over many years.

I told my Dad, I was struggling and he said “Well, if you come home, how much will you give your mother for housekeeping?” In that moment I knew I had nowhere to go, except back to the stressful situation I was living in.

I carried on for a while however I was having panic attacks and was diagnosed with chronic anxiety. I was in fight and flight mode daily and eventually I cracked and was forced to leave the terrible situation I was in. Once more and I went back to my parents house, although I desperately wanted to go back to my daughter and it broke my heart.

That night at my parents, I had a bath and my legs went numb, I couldn’t actually feel my legs and my body had pins and needles all over for 72 hours. I was in such a state, emotionally and physically thinking that there was no way out, I had given up and I thought everything was lost.

Sometime after I noticed a lump in my groin. I hobbled down to the doctors who took a look and said, “I will give you a prescription for some anti inflammatory cream, put it on and if it doesn’t go, then come back and see me again”.

I returned home that night with my prescriptive cream however slowly became increasing ill and in the early hours I hobbled around to the hospital who prodded and poked me for 12 hours whilst all the time I was getting sicker and sicker

Whilst I was drifting in and out of consciousness, laying on a hospital bed, a priest came over to see me. To this day I am not sure if he was passing after seeing someone else or if he came to see me. I have no idea what he said, just remember that he just did the sign of the cross on my forehead

I don’t remember anything else until the next day, waking up in hospital and hearing that I had had an operation to remove a growth.

I was kept in for a couple of days and told me they had sent off something for a biopsy to the lab and I was to go back home and rest; they would call me back in to give me the results.

A few weeks went by and my girlfriend announced she was 3 months pregnant. My hospital appointment had come through for the same week that we found out the news.

Aged 26, I sat in front of three members of hospital staff, two nurses and a consultant. “We have found something unusual” the consultant said, “but if you’re going to get cancer, this is one of the best ones to get as although we can’t cure it, we can control it.”

I am not sure if I took in any of what he said, I don’t really remember much, only that a Macmillan nurse would come around and see me and we would begin treatment as soon as possible.

A few days later I went back to swimming but my immune system was so low that I caught athletes foot. It began to spread into an infection and I was hospitalised for two weeks on intravenous antibiotics as this had aggravated the lymphoma. I think it was at this point it really hit me how ill I was.

I had 2 year old daughter, a son on the way and no money. We were given a cooker and a bed from a charity as I could no longer work and ours had broken; I felt ashamed and very depressed

I remember a day waking up very low and then going for a walk. I sat on a grass bank and something changed, it was almost as if I could see for the first time and this deep appreciation for life welled up in me and I wanted to ask everyone, can you see what I can see

In me, began to stir a will to live that became so strong. I had been told that statistically that I had a 60{4957ac4cf499e49763b21041745c9dd389af099b002b9a043574525170776bf1} chance of surviving 5 years.

I did find a way, or rather it found me. I found solace in Yoga, meditation and natural therapies. The first person I rang for help was a woman who went on to write a book about love. However here was a valuable lesson about hypocrisy, I rang her and said I needed some help, that I was unwell and she said “Yes, you can come and see me, it will be £50.” I said I have no money and that was the end of that conversation.

A valuable lesson and one that I would use to drive me on to eventually create a natural health centre that no one was turned away from for lack of money.

As I was so stressed at the time I was on a 140 mg of betablockers daily, to control my chronic anxiety, however they didn’t even touch the sides. I didn’t want to go home as my home life was so bad and had no where really to go and get some peace, so I sat in a hospital spare room no bigger than a box with my walkman and a relaxation tape that I listened to for hours alone.

I also went to the local cancer support group within the hospital and I was the only one remaining after 2 years of those people I originally met. Again I was to use this as motivation to co-create a sanctuary for anyone who wants to come and have some time to themselves and have HOPE.

I won’t go into the details of my recovery here, as part of that has been documented on this website. All I will add is that it was 7 years in the making, with some miraculous coincidences. I grew stronger and although my nature has always been the same, I changed dramatically.

I had fallen into my calling and as I began to use the skills I had learned in that time, I set up a holistic therapy practice at The University Of Birmingham. I had gained diplomas in nutrition, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, EFT, NLP and so much more, however the real diploma was in the experience I had lived through.

I had also started teaching Pranayama Yoga which was to become the foundation for my living and perhaps at the time, the single biggest influence in my life.

After working for some time in a hospice as a volunteer, I learned what really matters in life and it was around this time that my relationship with my ex broke down completely and I moved out.

5 months afterwards, my son became so ill that he began to waste away and dropped to 5st in weight. At his weakest point, he was robbed of his car, attacked and beaten up by three drunken addicts who eventually were caught and sentenced to two years imprisonment. He was 17 years old.

The battle to keep my son was long and exhausting and in the time that followed he had several operations. He had abcesses on his spine, septseamia, mrsa and chrons disease however that was just the beginning.

I held onto a philosophy I teach with every fibre of my being and although some of those days and nights were the longest and most painful I had ever known, within those years we had some miraculous and incredible beautiful moments.

I battled for my son to be granted a certain protocol over the next 5 years of which perhaps a month never went by without us being at the hospital. I gave all I could give and developed a closeness with my son that became so connected that if he smiled and was ten miles away I knew.

My son came out of hospital for the last time as an in-patient, after being in for another 3 weeks. The same day I buried my dad.

I share parts of my life only to show you that to go from someone who really had given up and who couldn’t find a way out aged 21, I have managed to find my way through and if I can, then you can too. Never lose hope and never allow another to tell you the outcome or define your future, God alone does that.

Because of all of the doors that closed in my life, I have opened mine to create a healing sanctuary known as Birmingham Holistic Health Centre for you, who are no different from me.

26 years on from my diagnosis of non hodgkin’s lymphoma, I am perhaps more driven now than at any other time. I am happy that I can offer those who need it, a resting place just like I did and often still do. That place is Birmingham Holistic Health Centre.

If you are reading this and going through a terrible time, let me tell you something I used to tell my son. When he was 15, I would say “This is just page 15 of your life and page 16 will be different and like the best stories you read, there is drama, loss, gain and so much more. It is so important to see your life as a story and if you are hurting to know that there is more of the story to come

“Love is the only true healing balm apply it where necessary to oneself and others.”

Over the last 26 years, working with thousands of individuals, I have learned how to forgive, what compassion is, how powerful we really are and what true humility is. I have also learned that we cannot do this alone and I have been graced by a few who still remain my close allies in this life.

You are not alone and have an open invitation to come and visit me and our centre anytime. Stuart Morris Call me at the Centre 0121 246 3303 Or visit

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4) An introduction into Forgiveness, as you listen and i would encourage you to listen through headphones each time you listen i promise you will hear something new


May you always be…


Rose balm- “After the rain philosophy “Become inspired ! ( taken from the book “Intuitive oils by Stuart”


Humility ( taken from the booklet -healing balms- Stuart






To listen to more audio’s go the healing balm page 


Stuart has worked at the Munrow Centre and Human Performance Laboratory for 3 years. he has developed an execellent standard of complimentary medicine services which have aided and complimented this physiotherapy unit.

Stuart is totally trustworthy,shows total professional integrity at all times and works to the highest standards possible.

He co-ordinated his own unit and become the main driving force at the University of Birmingham for creating the complimentary medicine centre.Together with his imput and management idea’s we now have one of the most sophistcated physiotherapy units within the country.

As a practitioner,he is totally dedicated,conscientious and clinically excellent.

Overall. Stuart is a well respected and trusted clinician that i would recommend to any authority.

M.Garmston B.Sc(Hons) M.C.S.P.S.R.P

Consultant Physiotherapist to the British Olympic Team and Great Britain Athletic Teams

“I met Stuart in November 1998 when I was at a dead point in my Ph.D., suffering from fatigue, chronic headaches, hypoglycemic. Stuart’s treatments made me feel more relaxed and focused again on my work. I finally took my Ph.D. March 2002 having consistent treatment with Stuart which I acknowledged in my Ph.D. for his overwhelming support.”

Dr S Zamperini

“Dear Stuart,
I don’t think I ever truly expressed my gratitude for the help you gave me, looking back now I realise what a state I was in when I came to you and I can’t even imagine what I would have done otherwise! So I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you.”

K Channa

“I recommend Stuart Morris unreservedly for the treatment of aches and pains, stress-related headaches and anxiety.”

Professor Tom Sorahan PhD, DSc, FFOM(Hon)

“Did I find Stuart Morris or did he find me?

“I labelled myself a confident woman, running my own small, but demanding business and was quite sure I was capable of dealing with everything life threw at me. So how come I found myself emotionally and physically drained, socially withdrawn and unable to make a decision? It was at this time in my life that I delivered a card to a friend late at night, who’s birthday I had not attended due to my current state of mind. As chance would have it, she saw me leaving and ran to the door to invite me in. It was during this accidental meeting that I was given Stuart Morris’s number. This seemingly uneventful card delivery turned out to be the turning point in my life.

“I have been visiting Stuart for well over a year now and continue to do so. I wouldn’t know where to begin in describing how he has helped me turn my life around and indeed woke me up to the fact that my life, as perfect as it seemed from the outside, needed turning around from the inside. Whilst this was not an overnight fix, his gentle, calm approach allowed me to relax and see a whole new perspective. What I love and value most in his method, is that everyone is individual and he will not prescribe you a specific treatment and leave you alone to fathom its effects, as perhaps a doctor would, but works with you over a period of time to deal with each issue as they arise. You’re under no pressure, you have nothing to prove, the journey lasts as long as you need him and I suspect in my case I will forever be on a journey with him, for he has become my friend.

“In terms of being cured, well that’s a matter of personal judgement, how well do you wish to be! I am certainly happier, more relaxed and feel really confident (instead of that brash façade I hid behind) and rather than talk about my dreams and wonder wistfully what my life could be like if only x would or y this, I’ve taken positive steps to actualise them… and if all goes to plan, this time next year I’ll be living my dream in Africa – if that’s not testament to how this man can help you empower yourself, I don’t know what is!

“Thank you seems such a small phrase, but I know you’ll understand how much I mean it!”


“I was introduced to reflexology about two years ago by a friend who was concerned with my hectic lifestyle and recommended that I should take time out for ‘me’. I have to say that I haven’t looked back. Stuart has taught me to take time out for myself and that hour is mine!

Kids, work, house, job, home life! It goes on, but to be able to switch off is important. I feel so much more positive in the way I am, and that helps enormously in the way I cope with the stresses of life.”


“I would like to thank you Stuart for all of your help over the last 18 months. What you have done has enabled me to walk again very well. Your therapy has been excellent and as you know, I do recommend you to anyone who needs treatment. Once again, I truly thank you.”

H Simmons

Four years down the line from retirement, I became more and more aware that the “sparkle” was disappearing from my life.

I knew that after spending 40 happy and fulfilling years in the NHS that my life was going to change significantly. My efforts to engage in new activities and interests were, however, becoming blighted by the onset of arthritis affecting various joints-particularly my knees. This had resulted in loss of mobility and I was becoming quite despondent about my future health. This was highlighted when some old friends invited my husband and I to visit them in Borneo once their new home had been built It was an opportunity I would normally have grasped with both hands –but now I was having mis-givings as to whether I would be fit enough to enjoy such a holiday.

By chance, I mentioned my worries to an old friend. He immediately recommended Stuart to me as he had worked wonders with him when he was greatly incapacitated.

On first meeting with Stuart, we began by assessing my needs and objectives in life. He soon identified that my immediate need was to change my diet, I was eating many of the wrong foods consistent with a healthy life-style. With the help of videos and information sheets-he introduced me to “Udos products” .With Stuart’s support and encouragement, my new diet soon became very acceptable and logical. I was rewarded also by consistent weight loss.

I did, however, have a self inflicted set back. During a very “sociable” period with my friends- I was tempted to resort back to old eating habits.(I would finish off meals with indulgent puddings-not that I really wanted them but because everyone else was having them!!).My weight began to increase.

Talking this through with Stuart- he made me realize that I no longer craved for these foods- and he helped me back on track. Boosted by my weight loss, I was able to fulfill Stuarts second recommendation—exercise. I made it a priority to resume visits to my Leisure Centre twice a week. As my stamina increased I found I could exercise for up to 2hrs in the gym—and enjoy it!! I was beginning to realize that my health and fitness was really turning around.

Stuart has complemented my regime with regular “acupressure” on my affected joints and muscles. This has really relieved a lot of pressure and tension and greatly improved my mobility.

As an extra bonus- my husband’s lifestyle has also improved. By joining me with the new diet and accompanying me to the gym- he too is feeling much fitter!!

So thanks to Stuart—and his recommended “Udos” products –I am now more mobile, my aches and pains are much diminished, and I have a more positive take on life. My goal for having a wonderful holiday next year visiting the Rainforests of Borneo is becoming more of a reality –and one I am really looking forward to experiencing.

Janet Haines

I first came to Stuart almost three years ago at a very low point in my life, feeling exhausted and on the borderline of a bout of depression. My hair was falling out with alopecia and I was very unhappy and struggling to cope. Stuart took me in hand, addressing my physical and mental health, recommending me to a group of therapists where I embarked upon a course of psycho-therapy. Through his caring and attention Stuart has helped me back on the road to finding peace and happiness again, giving me much strength and self-belief to help me on my journey.

Over the last three years with the help and encouragement of both Stuart and my therapist, I have started and completed a PGCE qualification and am in my first year of teaching; I have also separated from my husband and am learning to cope on my own with my two children.

I always look forward to my sessions with Stuart as his calm and caring approach does wonders to settle my mood and his expert touch with massage, reflexology and acupressure always relaxes me. I have also gained strength and reassurance from our many chats. Stuart has a very calming and relaxing manner and nothing is too much trouble for him – he keeps me supplied with high quality vitamins and oils and is always on the look out for new alternative remedies and solutions.

Stuart is an amazing person with tremendous strength gained from his own difficult journey, which he communicates to others in a calm and loving way. I would recommend anyone to seek him out!

Sylvia Butler

I first met Stuart in 1999 and have seen him on and off since then. He has helped me through some difficult situations in my personal life, including the breakdown of my marriage.

The biggest benefit from a session with Stuart is the sense of relaxation and release of tension. He has a technique, which I think is an acupressure one, which helps to relieve emotional tension that has been stored in the body. I also have either a reflexology treatment or a mini back massage, or both. I have often planned to see him after a day which I knew in advance would be stressful. After a session with him, I would go home, have an early night and felt much better in the morning.

The most significant time of seeing Stuart was for a year or so when I was suffering from depressive symptoms and feeling life was out of control. I alternated a fortnightly relaxation treatment with a counselling session and the combination worked very well. It helped me get through what was a very dark and painful time.

Stuart has been a supportive and positive person in my life. He asks questions about what is happening in my life and although he doesn’t counsel, he can offer wise input and most importantly is encouraging. I’m sure that the physical benefits of the treatment would not have been so great if not coupled with his encouragement.

I would recommend him to anyone. Life today is very stressful for most people, so even for someone without any health concerns I think there is enormous benefit from having relaxation treatments regularly.



Thursday with Stuart is the highlight of my week; I know that however much pain I am in, he will soon sort me out with a mixture of acupressure and relaxation techniques. He is always there, ready to listen, and puts up with my whingeing very gracefully! I don’t even mind when he nags me about my diet as he so obviously cares about my state of health.

His faith in his therapies gives me the confidence that he can improve the quality of my life.

Thanks for everything, Stuart!


Stuart has worked with us here at Enable ( for the past 2-3 years, providing workshops about Nutrition for small groups of adults and young people suffering from a range of disabilities or emotional/behavioural barriers as part of the ‘Garden Pathways’ and ‘Overcoming the Winter Blues’ courses, teaching people natural techniques to help themselves overcome stress, depression and anxiety. Stuart’s sessions have been extremely successful, giving our clients lots of invaluable information and advice for improving their well-being. Stuart’s approach and ‘way’ with people, of all ages and backgrounds, is also wonderful – both nuturing and fun!

J Clark

Support Officer & Garden Pathways co-ordinator

Enable (Birmingham) Ltd

When I began going to Stuart I was struggling on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. A year later, after regular treatments of Stuart’s very unique blend of nutrition advice, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, touch for health and many words of wisdom and comfort, I am a completely new person! Full of a vitality and a love of life I had previously always only dreamed of having. In fact, I feel so good I literally shouted it from the mountain tops: recently achieving – and ENJOYING – a sponsored trek over the Andes in Peru! Thank you Stuart for reconnecting me with my life.


Stuart Morris worked with our company for one week at the Spring Fair in the NEC Birmingham. Over the course of the week visitors from all over the world and exhibitors at the trade fair visited our stand in aim to refresh and de-stress. It was vital for us to give a professional image to those who visited our stand as we canvassed for business. Stuart and Phil, became part of our team and embraced what we were trying to achieve and remained professional at all times. They were excellent with potential clients and people left our stand feeling relaxed and re-energised ready for action again.

Thank you Stuart for all of your assistance and we look forward to working with you again next year.


Louise Gallagher

Group Marketing Manager

TwoWay Vanguard


“Stuart’s holistic approach, advice and treatment has brought me back to me back to strength and well being after a serious injury and resulting illness. With regular reflexology, massage and nutritional advice my recovery has been greatly assisted. Before I started seeing him I was low both physically and emotionally, but through his ecouragement and advice I feel that I am stronger in both of these areas and will continue to build on this. I really cannot thank him enough.”

U Parmar

“The last few years have had their share of problems for me, but my regular visits to Stuart – my times out – have kept my sanity and good health, with his therapies of reflexology and massage to balance and soothe, his advice, comforting words, and always an ‘ear’ (well bent) for my troubles, all help me cope with the difficult times. Thank you, Stuart.”


“When I met Stuart, my physical and mental health were at their lowest ebb, having recently lost my husband and several members of my family.

Just ten months on, I can’t believe how different I feel. I have my confidence back, loads more energy and feel years younger.

I can’t praise Stuart enough for what he has done for me. I thank God that our paths crossed.”

A Orme

“Tuesday morning sessions with Stuart’s healing touch is something to look forward to. The relief from aches and pains caused through spondylitis and the feeling of comfort I gain until the following week is immense.”

A Thank You from me

Thank you for the testimonials listed below. I would like to add my testimonial to each of you, from the heart I thank you, for each of you has added to my life in some way.

Therapy is a two way process. Each person I have ever treated has reflected something of myself back to me, each one has given me more than they realise, each one has enriched my life in some way .What an opportunity I have been given to take a closer look at human nature and for that I feel truly blessed.

Each person listed below and hundreds more have taught me that healing comes in so many ways but the most powerful comes from the heart.

You have allowed me to gently administer my prescription to each of you in some small way and those that know me know that my prayer for each one is that you remain forever wonderfullywell.

stu_picStuart Morris  I.I.H.H.T Dip EFT cc

Are you an established practitioner with an existing client base and at least TWO years experience?

If so, then we may be able to offer you a room of the highest quality in a holistic health centre that is becoming known as…

Tel Stuart 0773 445 9908

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