True nature and power of Shungite Crystals with Kieron Friday 29th Nov

True nature and power of Shungite Crystals with Kieron Morgan

Friday 29th November 2019

10am until 5pm

Contact Julie Chipperfield Carr to book 07950952133

“Once upon a time there was an ocean and the ocean was a Mother and the Mother gave birth to many children – the Gods of the Unknown. And like their Mother, the children were prolific in their creation and before their departure from the worlds they left behind a legacy, an inheritance for their ancestors that would follow, a legacy of wisdom and power which up until now has remained hidden in the darkness.”

Khnum Guardian of the Black Sun

Now – more out of necessity than worthiness – the mysteries of the Gods of the Unknown are revealed for the first time. Restored through the Channeling of Edwin Courtenay to humanity, an inheritance they never knew was theirs hinted at in dreams and stories, myths and legends. Through the power of the Shungite Crystals mankind has been given the key to unlock wisdom concerning the creation of all and power unimagined that can be used to transcend duality and restore peace and equilibrium not only to the world but to every human body, heart and mind.

In this one-day workshop Kieron Morgan, brother of Dragons, healer and Alchemyst will “pass along” Edwin Courtenay’s teachings and explore the mysteries of the Gods of the Unknown and reveal their teachings, wisdom and power. Passing along four powerful initiations – the “Keys of the Pyramid” – and four powerful techniques for manifestation, self-healing, healing others and healing the world. The workshop includes …

• Manifesting energy, thought, being and feeling through the Black Pyramid
• Channeling and Mastering the “Zero Point Field” in order to negate negative spiritual and physical energies and halt psychic attacks and curses once and for all.
• Accessing the wisdom of the “Ocean of Creation” in order to re-educate the body consciousness and body elementals and begin the process of cellular restoration.
• Learning how to develop and employ safely the power of empathy in order to shift your perceived reality of the world and gain perspective, harmony, insight and understanding.
Live Channelings from the Realm of the Unknown
• Revelation concerning the true nature and power of Shungite Crystals

This powerful workshop – in which all those who attend are qualified and empowered to pass the workshop onto others using the detailed workshop notes and scripted initiations and exercises – explores for the first time a whole new realm of beings who may well be the roots from which the many Gods of our world came. Our original extra dimensional ancestors who have left behind for us the ways and means to access and use the phenomenal power of “dark matter” and “zero point energy” in order to raise and return our world back to the Golden Age of peace and wisdom from whence it came.

Cost £50

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